Issues Running PX4-SITL with MAVSDK


I am new to PX4 and I’m currently trying to run PX4-SITL Gazebo with some MAVSDK examples. However, I’m experiencing some strange behavior. For all examples, I am able to connect to the drone and arm it but when I try to takeoff, the rotors just spin up then immediately spin down. I have tried this with all the included multicopters in the PX4 Repo. I am thinking that this could be because the GPS spoofing is not working correctly. When I start PX4 using make px4_sitl gazebo, I see the following warning before it starts: WARN [mc_pos_control] invalid setpoints. Any ideas how I can fix this? Thank you so much for your help! For reference, I am running everything on Ubuntu 18.

UPDATE: I also never see the commencing GPS fusion INFO output from PX4 which the documentation says I need to see before I arm the drone.