Issue with Motor Arming in PX4 Autopilot 1.13.2 with BLHELI_32 ESC in Twin-Engine Aircraft

Problem Description: I’m encountering an issue with motor arming in PX4 Autopilot 1.13.2 on my twin-engine aircraft. I’m using a BLHELI_32 ESC, but I can’t arm the motors, not even during motor testing. I’m seeking guidance on how to correctly configure PX4 Autopilot 1.13.2 with this type of ESC in a standard twin-engine aircraft.

Question: Does anyone know why I can’t arm the motors in PX4 Autopilot 1.13.2 with a BLHELI_32 ESC in a twin-engine aircraft? What is the correct configuration to make it work? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!