Is there a way to check the health of the pixhawk barometer?

I have a Pixhawk that was given to me. I was told that the altitude would not hold very well. I gave the guy one of my spares and he loaded it in to his quad and it held altitude quite well.

So now Im trying PX4 for the first time, along with QGC and I’m hoping to be able to check the barometer is working well, before I put it into a frame. I found there is a way to have the altitude reading show up in the “Fly” tab of QGC, but it seems to just stay at 0m, so i’m actually starting to wonder if that is based on GPS altitude.
I have “Altitude-Rel” and “Altitude” ticked on.

Thanks in advance, Nicholas

In my “Vehicle Setup” tab, on the Summary button, the “Sensors” list only includes Compass 0, Gyro, Accelerometer.
I don’t have GPS/Mag attached.
I’m only powering from USB.

If you go to widgets at the top of QGC and open “analyze” you should be able to see the baro measurements in real time

Thanks, I found that now.
What’s the normal range for the baro when its just sitting still? This baro seems to climb and drop about 600mm in the space of about 30seconds. Sounds wrong to me.

I’ve been wondering about the same thing, you could fly up 100 feet and back down and compare the GPS altitude with your baro sensor from the px4 log and see how they compare. I think it would be great to design a built in altitude sensor health test because I’ve had problems like this too.