Integration of BlueROV2 Underwater Vehicle

We recently started to develop a short module to integrate a simple control software for the BlueROV2(heavy configuration) Link.
The reason behind this integration is the usage of the PX4 software instead of the ArduSub-Software.
Therefore as a first step, we developed a small module, which is an adaption of the uuv_att_control module.

First steps in this direction were already pushed into the Master branch in October last year.
The new module should in the beginning accomplish the following:

  1. Stable Control of the BlueROV2(hold Roll, Pitch, and Depth)
  2. Simulation in Gazebo for testing of different Controllers and future more advanced applications.

Before we create a pull request we have two short questions on the integration which are not clear for me.

  1. The rc.uuv_apps file has the following line:
    uuv_att_control start
    Which starts the uuv_att_control module.
    Since the BlueROV2 and Hippocampus uuv are fundamentally different the new module has to be started.
    The VEHICLE_TYPE currently only defines the type uuv
    Should we add a new type for the BlueROV2 and rename the uuv to uuv_hippocampus? or is there a better way?

  2. Because of the current covid situation we did not test this package on the real robot. Only in the Simulation. This is going to follow in a few weeks/months. Is this a fundamental problem?

Is there something special we should think of when adding the new module?

I am interested in this too. Do you have a GitHub repo I can look at?

A short position controller is already implemented and in the PX4-Stack.

This currently works in Gazebo and is not tested on the real robot due to corona.
Have a look at
There is still much room left for improvement. If you want to contribute don’t hesitate to ask.