Indoor fly with crazyflie 2.0

Hi all,
Is there anybody here managing to autonomously fly Crazyflie 2.0 (cf) indoor? I have spent more than a week to do that but fail to take it off correctly (take off the ground and hovering). Below are what I have done so far:

  1. Installing PX4 onto cf: done
  2. Setting up and utilizing cfbridge to communicate with cf: done
  3. Run the ROS: done (double check by the diagnostics message)
  4. Run vrpn to obtain mocap data (from Optitrack system): done. (I have adjusted the firmware so that I can get the local position information in ROS)
    5: Writing application to
  • switch to offboard mode: done (double check by QGroundControl)
  • arm the drone: done (4 motors spin)
  • set the target ned position: done (double check by QGroundControl).

My takeoff function simply obtains the drone’s current x, y positions and set z = 0.2m. When executing the application, the drone lifted up only 1 or 2 cm off the ground and arbitrarily move (left, right, forward, backward but not up).

@dennisss: It looks like you are the guy that I should ask :slight_smile: