Indicating badly conditioned calculations when innovation variance is low

in this code snippet which resides in the ecl library, it indicates a bad sideslip condition if the beta innov variance is less than the observation noise variance which is hardcoded as (0.3)**2= 0.09

		// Reset covariance and states if the calculation is badly conditioned
		if (_beta_innov_var < R_BETA) {
			_fault_status.flags.bad_sideslip = true;

			// if we are getting aiding from other sources, warn and reset the wind states and covariances only
			const char* action_string = nullptr;
			if (update_wind_only) {
				action_string = "wind";

			} else {
				action_string = "full";
			ECL_ERR("sideslip badly conditioned - %s covariance reset", action_string);