Implementation and controller design

I want to implement a controller to my 3dr iris, I want to use the nested saturation controller, I was looking for different ways to implement it and I found two ways:

I’m interested in using the simulink option, but I’m getting problems uploading the simulink code to the pixhawk.

When I upload the simulink code to pixhak many parameters disappear in QGC.

I am using a system of six optitrack camaparas and I am sending the mocap data to the pixhawk using mavros and offboard mode.

one of the parameters that disappears is the lpe estimator and this parameter is necessary for the mocap data.

This are my questions:

Did someone use the simulink package and can guide me?

Is it recommended to use Simulink pixhawk support?

Greetings and thanks!

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From my understanding, the pixhawx support uses the simulink model to generate c++ which is uploaded to the hardware. I do not wish to upload the code to any hardware instead I just need the c++ code. Could you please help how can I do that?

Also if you were successfully able to use the simulink approach could you please share your views if it’s recommended or not.