Non linear control with Pixhawk 6C

Hello everyone,

I am designing flight controller with different methods i.e PID, LQR, NDI and backstepping method for my quad tilt rotor UAV.

I am designing all these methods in Matlab/Simulink model.

I was wondering whether i can use methods like LQR, NDI or backstepping by generating c++ code from matlab and uploading it to controller?


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I would consider using the MATLAB UAV toolbox.

Thank you for the response.
correct me if i am understanding it wrong.
With the UAV toolbox support for PX4 pilot, i read sensor data from pixhawk using PX4 sensor blocks and then process it and feed it to my control algorithm developed in simulink and then simulink generated PWM signals i transmit to the pixhawk via px4 PWM output block.

Pretty much. Also see Simulate and Deploy UAV Applications with Hardware-in-the-Loop Workflows - MathWorks - YouTube

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This helped a lot. Thank you