Identifying AP radio link quality


We are looking into the MAVLink interface (in combination with px4 AP firmware) and are playing around to build a custom (simplified) GCS.

MAVLink seems to support multiple AP connections over 1 telemetry device, therefor we are struggling to understand how we can identify the (remote) radio (telemetry) link used for one AP connection.

We are trying to “show” the link quality with a specific AP (I guess the remote RSSI status from the RADIO_STATUS message).

However there is no RADIO_STATUS message being send with the SystemID of the AP, but only with a SystemID from the telemetry device (it is, as we understand from the documentation, probably injected into the link by the device it self).
We also couldn’t find any other reference how to identify the quality of the link or, for example, which radio SystemID is used for the connection with a specific AP.

How is should we identify the link and link quality with a specific AP when multiple AP’s are connected (or at least emitting data)?

How do we know we are showing the right information with the right AP?

Or, are we looking at this issue in a completely wrong way?

Thanks in advance.

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Am I posting this in the wrong channel?