I make a dualband wifi module for pixhawk

Recently, I developed a WiFi module which can be used in pixhawk, which has two frequency 2.4g/5ghz WiFi band, which mainly solves the unstable signal of the WiFi module of 8266 and the frequency band interference of 2.4GHz is relatively large. It can communicate with UGCS DDC in formation. Can be 150 online formation (with ASUS WiFi mesh router). If we use ASUS high-power router, it can reach a distance of about 800m. It mainly transmits the information of mavlink and RTK.
The main functions are as follows:

  1. The module supports dual band 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Mainly for the 2.4 GHz environment interference, the dual frequency module is used.
  2. The module supports AP mode and sta mode. AP mode is mainly applied to the case of single UAV without routing. Sta mode can be used when multiple UAVs need to be online at the same time.
  3. there are two main ways to set the module. One is to switch the module to AP mode, and then set it through the web page after connecting the module through the mobile phone or computer. After setting up, restart the module can work in sta mode. Another way is that when pixhawk establishes a connection with QGC through the module, the QGC will have the option of “WiFi bridge”. However, since this option was originally designed for esp8266, it can not display all the configurations. So it is recommended to use AP mode to set up the module.
  4. since mavlink communication is through UDP, RTK is also through UDP, so the module adds the RTK monitoring port to receive RTK information. This port only accepts RTK information, and does not send information.
    The setup page and UGCS DDC interface are pasted here.


I am looking to do something similar with my setup. What board are you using?

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You mean this wifi module?

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thankyou more information
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Nice work. Was it inspired from this repo? ddc/Drone_hardware/Airborne_5GHz_WiFi at master · ugcs/ddc · GitHub

Can you share you schematics?


What WIFI module was used for this project?
Is there a link to build of this this project?