I accidently short my Pixhawk 2.4.8

I have a pixhawk2.4.8. Few days ago during testing i was trying to connect my pixhawk with Pi 4 and during the connection I accidently touch one of the telemetry output wire with the +12v. after that my px4 is short i disconnect it within 5 sec. but after that when i reconnect it few of the led of right side didn’t blinks and also my px4 is not connected to the PC so i cant use it with ardupiolt. i open the pcb board and after a basic checkup i noticed that LG33 voltage regulator is over heated so i replace it with a new one but still my px4 is not working. can any one solve this issue or tell me the who can solve it. this can help me a lot. please guide

Without a detail pictures its not easy