How to use QGround Controller or RC controller to emergency control a drone during the offboard control

I am running a python script on Jetson Tx1 and offboard control the drone. ref: Offboard Mode | PX4 User Guide

When running the python script, the QGroundcontrol shows “offboard”.
Python script ref: MAVROS Offboard control example (Python) | PX4 User Guide

If I would like to switch the mode to RC controller (it should shows “Position” in the QGroundControl) for emergency situation, how do I use RC controller to take charge of the drone from the python script (offboard control)?

When using RC controller, the QGround controller should show “Position”.
However, when running python script, the offboard mode cannot be changed by RC controller switch.

I tried to set the RC switch mode by this video and photo: Pixhawk 4 Setup and Calibration with QGroundControl | Pixhawk 4 + S500 Drone Build Tutorial | Part 4 - YouTube

However, it still does not work, so I guess it may be a QGroundcontrol issue ?
Thanks a lot for your help

The photo of the RC controller switch

ref: Radio (Remote Control) Setup | PX4 User Guide

Thank you very much

Just to understand: you’re saying that when you use the RC switch it doesn’t switch out of offboard into altitude control but stays in offboard? Have you tried moving the sticks around? That should also make it go out of Offboard.

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Set COM_RC_OVERRIDE to 3 (the default value is 1) to enable override from offboard control moving the sticks


Dear Julian and Benja :
Really appreciate your help. ^^

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