How to turn Servo motors from 0 to 180 degree?

I try to adjust

PWM_AUX_DIS1: 800~ 2200 (Initial Position)
PWM_AUX_MAX1: 2200 (rotate min angle)
PWM_AUX_MIN1: 800(rotate min angle)

From 2200 to 800
However, the angles of the servo motor only rotate
From 90 degree to 0 degree

How to make it rotate 180 degrees? thanks a lot

The temporal solution is to set the
PWM_AUX_MAX1 larger than 2200, such as 2500~

according to Arduino control

After revising the QGroundControl and wait for a while,
Make sure there is no error.
Then unplug battery and USB from the Pixhawk,
Then click “Disconnect” in QGroundControl Software
Then you can re-connect USB to Pixhawk to make sure the modified value loaded into the controller