Servos do not rotate 90 degrees during transition (Cruiseader Claire)

Hi, I’m using a 4x VTOL configuration and running the Cruiseader Claire firmware on Qgroundcontrol. However, my servos do not rotate 90 degrees during the transition for forward flight. Anyone can assist with this?
From what I figure, pixhawk is giving a pwm signal of 1500us when armed and a pwm signal of 2000us for the transition. This does not seem sufficient to rotate the servos 90 degrees. Is there any way around it?

I’m pretty new to Qgroundcontrol. Thanks for any suggestions!

Unless you’ve got special servos, they usually don’t get much more than 70-80deg rotation unfortunately, despite having about 160deg mechanical rotation. From personal experience I couldn’t increase travel using pwm parameters. My fix was to insert resisters (2.2k) into two wires inside the servo (basically gives the servo a false/reduced reading of its angle). that should give you plenty of travel distance without reducing torque, though it’s a bit tedious to do.

Here’s a (not very clear) picture of my servo with two resistors connected inside. There’s some helpful youtube clips on it too :slight_smile: