How to set the system console to a serial port?


I’m trying to troubleshoot some bootloader issues on a Pixhawk 2.1 Cube.

I want to access the system console as the device starts up so I can see all output regarding the bootloader.

My Pixhawk does not have any debug port, I have heard that serial 5 (Also labeled cons) can work as a system console via UART.

I have set up an FTDI cable and putty to interact with the console but currently I am receiving gibberish (Baud rate 115200 8n1), I believe that the console has not been properly configured to output on serial 5.

I am using the latest stable release of px4.

The dev guide briefly mentions that I must tell nutt OS to use this serial port, but I’m currently unsure how to do this.

Thanks for any help