How to set new horizon after transition from multirotor

VTOL wings are set so that with 30degrees of forward pitch in multirotor, the wings are level and flying on the wings. Question - When transitioning to airplane forward flight using the tractor thrust motor, is there a way of having the flight controller reset or recognize the 30degree pitch over to now be considered level flight?

Or… is this done through a different flight mode? (I’m new to pixhawk)
(Pixhawk 4)

I think you might be thinking this in a wrong/different perspective. Keep in mind that you don’t really want to use your quad motors for other than vertical takeoff and landing. All forward motion other than minor positional adjustments during takeoff and landing should be done by FW motor.

Having some positive incidence, i.e. pitch up attitude of the wing relative to level horizon of the quad motors is advisable to help it start creating lift sooner during the transition but 30-degrees might be excessive.

If you can post a picture of your build, maybe we can better figure out the optimum setup.

Good luck.