Run a script in QGC

Hey guys,

I’m troubleshooting an issue with PX4 and right now I’m not making any progress, but that’s alright - it’s a custom version of PX4 and my friends are working on that. However, in the meantime, we discovered a procedure that will fix the problem. It involves setting parameters and rebooting the vehicle in a certain order. However, the procedure is long and technical. For now, it would be better if there was a way we could do all of those steps in an automated way. Is such a thing possible? The procedure is:

Set Parameter A to X
Set Parameter B to Y
Set Parameter A to M
set Parameter B to N

Thanks for the help!

Not in QGC, but there is a mavlink sdk which would allow you to do it in python I think or something like that.

After googling I found this link:

This is what I should be using, right? and it should allow me to send messages to my drone while QGC is connected to it, right?