How to roslaunch px4 mavros_posix_sitl.launch with other workspace

I try to roslaunch mavros_posix_sitl.launch in the boat environment.
However, the

source ~/PSO_Q_learning_ws/devel/setup.zsh 

has conflict with

source ~/PSO_Q_learning_ws/src/PX4-Autopilot/Tools/simulation/gazebo-classic/setup_gazebo.bash ~/PSO_Q_learning_ws/src/PX4-Autopilot ~/PSO_Q_learning_ws/src/PX4-Autopilot/build/px4_sitl_default 

and cause the error like this:
“File already exists in database: Imu.proto”, when running roslaunch mavros_posix_sitl.launch

mavros node is running but do not publish anything

There are mavros topics but do not publish anything