How to perform VIO using Odometry stream

I’ve upgraded to latest 1.9.0 release candidate and I’m trying to feed the autopilot with vision estimations using mavros and odometry stream. I have a few questions since I’m not getting the expected result:

  • Is the velocity part of the odometry message supposed to be fused? When inspecting the odometry stream via QGroundControl the velocity part does not contain any data.
  • I’m confused about all frame handling. Isn’t mavros supposed to conform to ROS conventions and perform all frames internally? It seems to be expecting things in PX4 convention (NED, FRU, etc.). How should I feed the data for this to work? Do I need to perform these conversions myself?
  • Should I be using EKF2 or LPE?

I’m aksing here since there’s not much documentation on the devguide regarding this.


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