How to make additions to PX4 software and load this software onto the PX4 board?

  1. I have a PX4 board, and I want to make additions to the code present on the PX4 board and then reload it onto the PX4 board. Is this possible? (My goal is to make additions to the software and load it back onto the PX4 board to fly a quadcopter again)
  2. Do we necessarily have to make these installations on an STM32 board, or can we behave like a PX4 board by installing them on boards like Raspberry Pi?
make list_config_targets
  • raspberrypi_pico[_default] and px4_raspberrypi[_default] px4_ros2[_default] . Does this imply that it can be installed on Raspberry Pi?


 make px4_fmu-v5 upload