How to get actual gyro, accelero, barometer readings?

Hi ,

I am using Pixhawk 4 ans it is equipped with gyro, accelero, barometer.
When i opened pixhawk4 in QGC all the parameters were there like CAL_GYRO_XSCALE, etc .and these value were too much. When I ran ‘sensors’ topic on MAVLink console . i got a lot of readings and all of them were quite intimidating

I want to know how can get actual gyro, accelero, barometer readings in (rad/s, m/s^2, meters respetively). from these readings ? Also i wanted to know if I have used correct topic (‘sensors’) to get the reading from the sensors or is there another topic?

Thanks in advance

You can use the listener command to look at messages published by uORB which include the sensor messages.

This is the command:

And here is more info: