How to display raw sensor data?


Is there an easy way to display sensor data (acc, gyro, mag) rather than estimated attitude? i.e. either a graph or just numbers through QGC or console. I looked in QGC Widgets\Analyze, but did not see any valid raw sensor data. Do I need to add such output to the code myself and rebuild or there is an easier way?
I want to check how vibration and location of high current wires affects sensor data.


Its in Widgets -> Analyse in QGroundControl. You can graph pretty much the whole system. Data rates via Wifi or USB will be better than through radio.

Hi Lorenz,

Thank you for the reply. I am looking at Widgets->Analyze and for some reason all of the parameters there are either at 0 or at min/max values, sometimes just fluctuating between 0 and some really large int numbers.
At the same time, flight instruments in QGC show correct vehicle attitude as I move it in my hands. i.e. sensors are working and attitude is estimated correctly. The problem is with displaying/graphing data in “Analyze” window.
I think I need to try different versions of QGC and PX4 firmware for pixracer…

I just downloaded new daily build of QGC and “Analyze” window is working correctly.
Not sure what QQC version I was using previously (probably stable).

@DonLakeFlyer We had a similar issue recently where QGC received garbage - was there an intermediate daily build with bad MAVLink decoding?

Most likely the daily builds that had busted mavlink 2.0 support.