How to force disarm (or switch off) when landing on a moving platform


I am trying to land a drone on a mobile vehicle via offboard control. I am able to land the drone on the platform, however when it moves with speed approximately higher than 1km/h, the drone doesn’t allow the disarm (or landing) procedure. Its blades keep spinning until the vehicle stops. I think this is due to the drone assuming it is flying.
Is there a way to switch off everything? I didn’t find any vehicle command for that.
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@gennscar this (Kill switch for companion computer · Issue #14465 · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub) might be useful.

Thank you. I finally solved it by enabling the flight termination command using the vehicle command n°185. To do this, the parameter CBRK_FLIGHTTERM must be modified, according to Parameter Reference | PX4 User Guide. Moreover, in order to make the drone detect the landing on the moving platform, the parameter LNDMC_XY_VEL_MAX must be modified, according to the preferred moving platform speed.

Thanks @gennscar for your feedback. Can you please clarify what you mean by n°185 command ?

Yes, I mean sending a command on the topic VehicleCommand_PubSubTopic, where command is equal to 185, param1 to 1.0 and param2 to 0.0.
Indeed, the command “VEHICLE_CMD_DO_FLIGHTTERMINATION” is the number 185.

    msg = VehicleCommand()
    msg.timestamp = self.timestamp
    msg.param1 = param1
    msg.param2 = param2
    msg.command = command
    msg.target_system = 1
    msg.source_system = 1
    msg.source_component = 1
    msg.from_external = True


Hi @gennscar, when I perform the “VEHICLE_CMD_DO_FLIGHTTERMINATION” the propellers reduce the speed but they continue rotating. Did you change other parameters apart from CBRK_FLIGHTTERM?

Thanks in advance.