Drone not taking off in Offboard Mode

Hi folks,

I have a X500 V2 frame with Pixhawk 5x, Raspberry Pi 4 and Vicon System setup.

I’m using microRTPS bridge (ROS2-PX4). I checked on RViz and the data from Vicon is being received really good.

My problem is, I can fly stabilized, manual and position really okay, but when I try to fly Offboard Mode, the drone can’t take off. The takeoff is detected. But its like the drone does not have enough throttle to lift off. Is there a parameter where I can change the throttle?

It is suppose to be like this? Do I have to take off using Position or Take Off mode and then switch to Offboard?

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Hello friend,
– offboard need streaming the position/attitude command through mavros before switch to offboard, did u try in gazebo first ?