How to figure out which ADC channel is exposed on the Pixhawk board?

The uORB topic adc_report returns an array of channel ID and the corresponding channel voltages. For ex- for Pixhawk 4 board,

the topic returns an array = [2,3,4,10,11,12,13,14] .

I understand that all these channels are not exposed on the Pixhawk 4 board and probably one or 2 channel are exposed. So what I dont know is that the ADC port on Pixhawk 4 corresponds to which channel ? Can anyone tell me how to figure out which channel is exposed on any particular Pixhawk board?

I am having the same trouble for Pixhawk 1 board where I do not know which channel ID the two 3.3 V and 6.6 V channels correspond to?


Hi there. I am strugglingwith the same thing. Did you manage to solve it in the end?