How to control servo on AUX1 port of PX4(via code - not RC)

Hello All,
I am trying to operate(code based) a servo at AUX1 & AUX2 ports of my Hexrotor_x, I did try to setup mixer file for AUX ports in the microSD card ‘etc/mixers/epmg.aux.mix’
and tried publishing group_mix=3 , controls[6] & controls[7] direct PWM of 2000us, I see this publishing on mavros/actuator_control topic but when I check mavros/rc/out I still don’t see this 2000 output!!
Wondering what could be the issue?

Can You please guide me…
(I did check the process followed in How to control servo (via code - not RC)) but couldn’t achieve the result…

Enable pass through mixer on servo outputs 1-3

AUX1 channel (select RC channel with RC_MAP_AUX1 param)

M: 1
S: 3 5 10000 10000 0 -10000 10000

AUX2 channel (select RC channel with RC_MAP_AUX2 param)

M: 1
S: 3 6 10000 10000 0 -10000 10000

AUX3 channel (select RC channel with RC_MAP_AUX3 param)

M: 1
S: 3 7 10000 10000 0 -10000 10000

I have the same issue - im working on 1.13 - and trying to control aux servo via code - and cant find the way to do it, please help