How do I add a new parameter in QGC Firmware?

I wanted to add a new button under the Developer section in Parameters. Currently, I’m testing using the PX4 Mocklink available in QGC.

How do I do this? I tried adding parameters by adding them in PX4ParameterFactMetaData.xml but I see no change. Do I have to make changes in other places too?

Thanks in advance!

Parameters come from the firmware. They are not part of QGC.

Right. I was asking with respect to the Firmware files which come along with the QGC developer build. (They have their own .qrc file)

I added into the PX4ParameterFactMetaData.xml in the PX4 Firmware files, but there seems to be no change.

A new button which does what? If it refers to a new parameter then it will just show up on it’s own if the vehicle sends it. Adding a new parameter to MockLink basically does nothing. You need to add the new parameter to the firmware when you connect to that firmware it will just show up. When you flash that firmware onto a board using QGC it will also cache the new parameter meta data for it.