How connect and control 2-axis Gimbal using PX4 and QGroundControl

Hi everyone,

I want to ask about how can I connect 2-axis gimbal to Holybro Pixhawk 4.

Normally, PX4’s instruction recommends using Teleme 2 for connecting to gimbal control, but I already used it for connecting to Raspberry Pi 3.

So about the 2-axis gimbal, I don’t know how to control and connect to Pixhawk 4/Power Management Board (I used PM07). And about the power of gimbal? What battery should we use? Can we use Li-po 3s which also is used for PM07 and Pixhawk 4 or we should use another battery?
I appreciate your help.

2-axis gimbal I bought from Banggood here.

I am also interested to the answer to your question.