Holybro Pixhawk 6c Wiring Diagram, Pinouts

I just tried to download the link for the 6C pinout from the Pixhawk site and all I get is a page that says the site can’t be reached and below is the URL:

It works for me.

Hi Igor, thank you for your input, however I needed more, which I have found. All of the pages following the diagram show the connection with the pinout of each of the connections. What I need is when I am connecting the RP4T ELRS Diversity receiver in my fixed wing, there are 4 solder type connectors with the RX, TX, 5V,Grnd. So I need to know which connection they correspond to so that I can solder up a harness and get it connected.

Please share my dilema with others. Some may understand what I need which is great send them my way, but others will say WTF, doesn’t it just plug in.

Just an update, I did a complete reboot of my system and I can now access the pinouts, however I still need help from someone in connecting an ELRS True Diversity receiver to the Pixhawk 6c controller.