Holybro ESC issue on `master`

Jacob Dahl 5:55 PM
Migrating issue from slack

I flashed master … and now my motors are getting driven like Flashing back to 1.9.2 does not fix the issue…here’s the full chain of events.

  1. Flash 1.9.2 , set s500_holybro airframe, fly around great.
  2. Flash master , reset params to default, reset airframe to s500_holybro .
  3. Attempt to arm/fly, drone stays on ground (at max throttle) and motors are making a disturbing sound
  4. Fly two separate airframes with Pixhawk4 on master … they fly great…
  5. Reflash my S500 with 1.9.2 and reset params/airframe again… attempt to arm/fly and same terrible motor behavior.Log from first great flight with 1.9.2 https://review.px4.io/plot_app?log=12fc1bfb-661e-4dd1-9794-5258427de23d
    Log from attempting to fly with master , (I had someone hold it while I played with the sticks) https://review.px4.io/plot_app?log=8232b19b-8654-4646-b41e-91993091d092
    Log from attempting to fly after flashing back to 1.9.2 https://review.px4.io/plot_app?log=0a4a98c2-2916-487b-9fa1-71215f66d2e8Something is amiss here and I can’t figure it out… whatever the differences are clearly they’re not being captured in the s500_holybro airframe config. It seems like the thing “flew great” after being shipped to m. My hunch is a full parameter reset wiped something out and I am not sure what…


So I had @dagar help me with this, and I got it fixed. By fiddling with the PWM_RATE (set to something other than 400, power cycles, set back to 400, power cycle) I was able to get the ESCs functioning again. A theory is the ESCs are getting stuck in the wrong mode. I went ahead and reproduced this, it is as easy as flashing master via the CLI make px4_fmu-v5_default . No amount of fiddling with the PWM_RATE settings restores proper functionality. I flashed back to 1.9.2 again … this time no fiddling with PWM_RATE was required, they justed worked as expected. Could the flashing of the px4io be screwing with the ESCs