HIL_ACT_FUNC parameter, What does it mean?

I would like to make custom HITL airframe file.
I referred to sample HITL airframe file (that is 1002_standard_vtol.hil, 1100_rc_quad_x_sih.hil, 1101_rc_plane_sih.hil).

What does “HIL_ACT_FUNC” parameter mean?
I couldn’t find it from parameter reference.

  • Parameter Reference | PX4 User Guide (main)

  • What number does “HIL_ACT_FUNC0” ~ “HIL_ACT_FUNCX” exist?

    • Does it seem that 10X is PWM?
    • Does it seem that 20X is control surface?
    • What is 400?


101 to 112 is motor 1 to motor 12, 201 to 208 servo 1 to 8. and 400 is landing gear.

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