High vibration in Pixhawk 4 Mini after updating firmware to v1.13 or v1.14

Recently I updated the firmware on the Pixhawk 4 Mini of my several Holybro QAV250 from v1.10.1 to v1.13. After this, the accels were clipping in flight. This did not occur anymore after downgrading back to v1.10.1. Also, this does not occur on an individual UAS but on several UAS with the exact same setup.
This topic is related with similar problems on Cube Orange+: High vibration in Cube Orange+ - #43 by sibujacob
Yesterday we did some testing to collect data for troubleshooting. For this, we used the same UAS (Holybro QAV250) with the setup being unchanged except the PX4 firmware. We tested with the firmware versions v1.10.1, v1.12.3, v1.13.3 and v1.14.0-beta2. Apart from observable changes in flight behavior and handling, differences between the firmware versions in terms of vibrations shift can be seen in the acceleration power spectral density plots provided below. Also, the power consumption changes noticeably (which is probably due to the changed flight behavior).





Any idea why this vibrations and power consumption gets worse with the update?

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Did you download the PX4v1.14.beta 2 from the following link

Yes, and built it according to Building PX4 Software | PX4 User Guide

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Can you confirm that the SD card on your pixhawk mini was erased before updating the firmware. to v1.14.0 Beta 2

No, I did not erase the SD card before updating. Do you think more parameters are set on a default value if old values are erased before or why do you ask?

i think the parameters are not changed even though the firmware has been updated.

I did a test flight after formatting the SD card and reinstalling the stable release. This did not lead to any improvements in vibrations or flight behavior

I too have a similar issue on both these firmwares on a pixhawk cube orange. But my issue may be partially becos of Herelink Radio telemetry getting messed up with mavlink messages from the flight controller although this sounds to be strange…For me px4 v1.12.3 seems to be stable .

Can you please try installing the px4 firmware thro’ mission planner instwad of QGC.