Help- vehicle arming but not taking off

Hi all,

I am fairly new to this software and was hoping for some guidance.
I think its something simple I’m missing so a fresh pair of eyes might spot something I missed.

The flight controller I’m using is the CUAV V5+, I’ve attached my telemetry (Wifi link for testing, will get a telemetry module later), my airspeed sensor, battery, GPS, PPM reciever and ESC which is connected to motor and battery.

I’m using QGroundControl v.3.5.6.
I can plan a mission and when I start the mission the vehicle arms but the motor doesn’t spin to take off. After a few seconds it disarms, I think this is because it does not see a change in altitude.

I noticed this image I’m not sure why the takeoff button is greyed out.

My airframe is the standard plane, all my sensors are configured. I disabled compass_0 because I don’t believe I was using it. I calibrated my ESC successfully. I tweaked a few parameters after reading other forums and help pages to see if it would help, it didn’t.

I’ve included the following screenshots ( I couldn’t include more- new user) :

If I missed anything or you have any more questions, send them my way.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Try going to General, Fly View, and toggle on Virtual Joystick