Help: Motion control in PX4 1.14 via ROS 2 without GPS

Hello everyone.

We are working on a project based on a ground-based rover UGV. We are currently trying to control the vehicle through ROS 2, probably in speed, allowing the vehicle to move under movement commands sent through uXRCE-DDS from ROS 2 (PX4 v1.14). At first we thought of using the Offboard mode, however this mode does not work as we do not always have location sources such as GPS or visual. Even if we could use this mode, we think that it would not work because the instructions in this mode are given with respect to the local world frame and we would not have localisation. What we really want to do is very simple, just give instructions to go forward or turn on itself. Can anyone think of or know of a way to achieve this motor control in PX4 1.14 through ROS 2 without GPS?

We have thought of modifying the manual mode to perform the trajectory according to the calculated speeds, because we do not know if there is any navigation mode to do what we want through ROS 2. We know that in version 1.15 the lib-interface library allows modifications on the modes of the px4 and perhaps it would serve us, but this version is still in alpha and is not yet functional in our real hardware. Does anyone know of any way to achieve the control we are looking for in version 1.14?

Thank you very much in advance.