Help ! Damaged power port on pixhawk 1

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Im in need of some help regarding the above the subject. The Power port on my Pixhawk 1 Flight Controller isnt working.

When power module is plugged into the power port pixhawk doesn’t turn on.
( * power module works fine. I checked with a multimeter and also tried plugging in power module to other ports like Serial, Telemetry and GPS ; Pixhawk turns On. But obviously that’s not a permanent solution

  • I plugged in the usb cable and pixhawk powered On. Also not a permanent solution)
    Hence from above points its clear that problem exists only in the power port and not the entire pixhawk 1 flight controller.

Me being a layman in this field I request you to help by throwing some light on the issue and Stating which Components need to be Replaced so as to power the pixhawk via power module and use its function. Looking forward to hearing from you

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