Heavy Yaw drift with Pixracer


Hi all,

we are using the Pixracer for our drone project. In the moment we are facing the problem that the yaw-angle is subject to heavy drifting (see picture). The data were recorded by turning the pixracer about 20deg on the desk. You see the drift and the overshoot after the movement.
Any ideas what we can do about this?
We are using the Pixracer indoor.

Thanks for your help!

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Strong yaw drift on the Pixhawk 2.1

Hey there. I have the same problem as you have. Did you found a solution or a reason for this behaviour so far? I also opened a own topic for my problem nad linked yours there too. Would be nice to hear if you made any progress with it.

Link t omy topic: http://discuss.px4.io/t/strong-yaw-drift-on-the-pixhawk-2-1/6884