Large position drift of the Intel Aero Drone

Hi everyone,

we are currenty working with an Intel Aero RTF Drone and the v1.7.1 stable build.
After flashing the 1.7.1 firmware and recalibrating the sensor we observed a strong drift in x- and y-direction, that occurs with the EKF2 as well as the LPE.

In the logfile taken from one of our flights, we observed an offset for both the roll and the pitch angle and a large discrepancy between the setpoint and the esitmated angle.

Is there a problem with the sensor calibration? Or different problem with the drone that can be seen from the logfile?
We would be glad about any help that could solve this issue. Thanks a lot in advance!


Stabilized flight mode doesn’t hold position.

I’m not really sure I understand what you think the problem is.

The problem that we face, is a drift with around 1 m/s to the right when flying in the stabilized or the position hold mode.

We saw in the logfiles, that right after arming the drone the controller sets the setpoint for the roll angle to 10 deg. Whenever we release the manual roll/pitch controll stick into it’s neutral position, this setpoint returns to 10 deg.

That’s what I think could be the problem for the massive drift. But we couldn’t solve this problem with a recalibration of the sensors.

The roll offset is commanded. Did you calibrate RC?

Yes, we calibrated the RC multiple times.

In the corresponding article of the PX4 user guide I read that it is possible to copy the manual trim settings to the flight controller. Are those settings reseted when a new RC calibration is performed? Or could saved old trim settings cause this offset?

A reinstallation of the latest firmware and a recalibration finally solved the problem.