Hardware/Pixhawk Dev Call: Oct 20, 2020

Oct 20, 2020

Call Moderators

Agenda Items

  • Meeting Organization
  • FMU Series
  • BMS

Dail In

Direct link to the meeting:


Meeting Minutes

Meeting Organization


  • 1-week per topic
    • week 1: fmu, week 2: bms, week 3: payload, week 4: uavcan
  • November start
  • Dronecode staff works with WG leads to define agendas, and distribute notes for meetings.

FMU Series

How to get access to schematics?

Simple process.

  • Email boards@px4.io with the request, make sure to clarify what spec you need.

TODO: FMuv6/FMUv6x + FMuv5 Which rev is final, and let’s push forward (check with Lorenz) @JingerZ

Gumstix + Pixhawk FMUv6

  • Based on the FMuv6 pinout


UAVCAN Proposal for BMS on Spec

TODO: Ping @TSC21 go through doc and explain the BMS UAVCAN messages.

Progress Meeting

TODO: @JingerZ Can you please schedule a meeting with the contributors of the BMS spec? all the usual suspects please! (ping us here if you want in on the meeting)

Questions from Community:

Question: Are there other calls like this one?
Answer: Yes! take a look at the calendar https://www.dronecode.org/calendar/

Errata and Feedback

Let me know below if I failed to capture anything the right way, and if there are any updates, or you have feedback on the call format.