Google Earth Studios to QGround - looking to hire guru

A little background about me, I’m a film drone pilot and I work on some of the largest titles in Hollywood. I am known for my line of sight cinematic manual flying. This Qground stuff intimidates me but I’m willing to learn because I see some untapped potential.

I feel like what I am looking to do is entirely possible yet I lack the skills to put it into action. Looking for someone to help me move KML data from Google Earth Studios to QGROUND for cinematic purposes. Willing to pay a high hourly for someone knowledgeable to bring me up to speed. Lots of room for growth in this space.

Please reach out and let’s talk!

Patrick Weir

Peacemaker Filmworks

Hi, sounds very interesting what you are doing, and shouldn’t be too complicated to implement. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to help you and am furthermore not allowed to take freelance work with my current job. But I would suggest trying to go ask on their discord instead. They have a section for jobs, and that is where you will find the most experienced user of PX4 since a lot of them don’t use the forums. The link for the discord is here

Makes sense thank you! I just signed up for it, thanks for the invite.