Where to go to find PX4 and MAVRos Developers for Contract Work

I have been working with PX4 and a quadcopter as an answer to a technological and logistic problem. While researching and testing, I have found that using PX4 for a stationary camera gimbal synchronized with an autonomous quadcopter, both outfitted with an OpenCV script for visual computing is the best way to go. Problem is, I haven’t bee able to find any developers to assist in building a simple proof of concept script for me, so that I can raise funds to begin development in proper.

Where might be a good place to look for developers? Does Dronecode have a for hire area? Are there any developers here that would be interested in speaking with me about this project? The current needs are very simple and there are most likely some out there with scripts that would handle this already.

Does anybody have any tips? Thanks!