Looking to contract work for simple QGroundControl modifications for the Herelink ground control station

My company currently is in need of a developer that can automatically update the Waypoint Nav speed based on the altitude that a survey is being performed at. QGroundControl already gives information on how many pictures per unit distance that it is going take. The problem we are having is that if the camera cannot take pictures fast enough it simply won’t take any pictures and to solve this the aircraft just needs to slow down. We are using the Ardupilot flight stack and in order to change the speed of the aircraft the WP Nav speed has to be updated in the parameters section of QGroundControl. We do not want our customers changing any parameters when they are using our aircrafts.

Ideally we would like someone that:
-can make UI changes to QGroundControl for the Herelink
-is familiar with the Ardupilot flight stack
-would be able to release these changes for IOS, Android, Herelink, PC