Getting wrong airspeed values from pixhawk 4

Hi there,

I have severel x-uav talon 1718 mm, and flying them for a long time without that much problem. However lately, some of them failed to take off from ground, after hand launch they have fallen to the ground. The thing is with same configuration we have successful flights. Issue can be about the air speed sensor. After making indoor calibration, values are between -2, +2 which is expected. However, when we go outside, even if there is small wind we are getting high values like 25 m/s, -15 m/s etc. When we change the heading values are also changing but generally getting high values.

While getting these values we had also successful flights, but at the last flight we have failed to take off from ground.

This is the log of failed flight.

This is the log of successful flight.

Is the problem about the airspeed sensor ? Or do you see any other problem?

Thanks in advance

In the logs you shared I don’t find any airspeed anomaly.

Have you the possibility to fly in manual modes (full manual or Stabilized)? These modes don’t require airspeed data to work, so it all works well in those modes than an airspeed issue is more likely - and we should be able to tell more with the data then.