Getting data from qgc

I want to get gain, recording and temperature datas from qgc. But I can’t find any code about them. Can you help me ? Thanks.

Hi, QGC receives all data via mavlink. PX4 and QGC communication protocol. If you want to get some data from the autopilot, it is best to create (for example, python) code that listens to the mavlink packets. There are several mavlink libraries. For example, pymavlink.
QGC can also forward mavlink packages from autopilot as UDP packets.

Thanks for your answer. But I know that. I just can’t get depth and recording data. In my opinion if I get one of them I can get all of them. But I need a python code. I am trying everything but they didn’t work.

so you want to get the data which you receive from the ground telemetry right?? @Ugur_Demirezen