Gazebo vs jMAVSIM

Hello Experts,

I am new to PX4 community. I have some basic queries.

  1. What is the key difference between Gazebo and jMAVSIM ? Which is better to use
  2. Is there any Graphics card requirements in the Laptop to run the simulation tool with better control ? Pls suggest.
  1. Not the most detailed explanation, but from what I understand, jMAVSIM is mainly for simple simulations, like if you just want to simulate some quad copter for fixed wing plane. Where Gazebo offers more possibility to customize the drone, custom frame, add different sensors and so on. So basicly which one is better, depends what you want to simulate. But unless it is something very simple, I would go with Gazebo.
  2. Don’t know, try and look it up on the Gazebo forum.

Thanks for replying @Mr_Madsen

jMAVSIM looks simple for entry level.