Gazebo HITL simulation on Pixhawk

Hey everyone, just a basic question about getting started with simulating a VTOL in a HITL configuration with a Pixhawk:

The dev guide references a HIL Standard VTOL QuadPlane model that’s maintained by Roman Bapst. I set SYS_AUTOSTART to point to 1002 (which is the value in the airframe reference), pointed standard-vtol.sdf to /dev/ttyACM0 and set the flags as documented, set SYS_HITL to 1, and disabled the failsafe checks as documented in the HITL page. It’s very possible I’m missing something, though.

The behavior I’m seeing is that no model is being rendered within Gazebo, which leads me to believe the Pixhawk is not communicating properly - I could be off-base there, though.

I asked this question on Slack in the #hitl channel a day or so ago, so apologies if this is redundant to some.