FW/VTOL Call: November 22, 2022

November 22, 2022

Tracked issues from last meeting

FW runway landing / takeoff revisions

  • in review @dagar
  • control allocation for fixed-wing issues: @ryanjAA will document and make issue

Failure detector - roll/pitch

  • @chris1seto will check circuit breaker and we look next meeting

Acro mode

  • go with the integral reset
  • could also disable proportional gain
  • @chris1seto will test all combos and report back

New issues

Quad-tailsitter SITL model flies poorly

  • CG behind CP makes it stable… but this is wrong
  • @sfuhrer

Unifying rate controller


Fixed-wing hand-launch audit

  • @sfuhrer did some testing and clean up!
  • check that launch and runway don’t interfere @tstastny
  • need to check what happens with commanded takeoff. maybe clean up @tstastny @sfuhrer
  • let’s skip to next mission item if clicking takeoff waypoint after already in air (takeoff waypoint is NOT a position setpoint)

I’m not sure where the very original issue was reported, but regardless of CBRK_FLIGHTTERM, the board doesn’t disarm when inverted in manual mode.

I think we should purge this item on the agenda unless someone brings out a working issue reproduction guide.