FW_MAN_R_MAX Weirdness

Hi All,

So I’ve been scratching my head over this one for a while. During flight tests, we have FW_MAN_R_MAX set to 80 degrees. The code shows this as a ±FW_MAN_R_MAX degree limit. However, we did one flight test last week and flying in stabilized mode there was a hard stop at ±40 degrees. A flight test yesterday - without changing any parameters changed this back to ±80 degrees.

What caused the hard limit to half between tests?

This has been seen a couple of times previously but I’ve never been able to explain it.

Any thoughts?

On further inspection of the logs, the RC.RC0 seem to half of what it should be. This might be a handset issue - but could there be any other reasons for the RC channels to be outputting ± 0.5 instead of ±1.0?