RC3_Min and RC3_Max not being obeyed for throttle


I am trying to troubleshoot some issues with my transmitter failsafe options and in doing so came across odd behavior of my raw RC values.

All my RC channels have a minimum and maximum output assigned of 980 and 2006 respectively in PX4.

Monitoring RC values via px4io monitor in Nutt shell and then via MAVROS I see all channels except throttle obeying these limits.

I am able to take my throttle much lower or higher (Down to 874 and up to 2134), PX4 seemingly does not apply the lower and upper limits to the value.

Is there some throttle overide parameter I am unaware of?

On a related note, I am trying to configure my transmitter to output ~870 on every channel when an RC loss is detected- I have this working on one of my transmitters, but do not understand how it is able to work, when surely the PX4 limits on the values would still apply?

Thanks for any help