Frist build failed, Windows7, -pthread unrecognized

I have problems to get my first build of the px4 firmware running, on Windows7.
I have installed QtCreater, PX4 Toolchain and USB drivers.
But when I typ make posix_sitl_default, I get:

g++.exe: error: unrecognized option ‘-pthread’

I think, something with my Compiler isn´t right. But I can´t figure out what exactly…
Maybe someone can help…?

The posix sitl build isn’t supported on Windows. You may be able to make some progress with Windows 10 Bash/Linux support, but that’s uncharted territory.
You can still build the firmware for a pixhawk on Windows (make px4fmu-v2_default). In general I’d recommend you set up an Ubuntu VMWare development environment for building the firmware. Overall you’ll have a much better experience.

Thank you very much, @dagar, for your reply. I will try the suggested VMWare environment.

Basically I want to use the Simulink Pixhawk Support Packages (PSP). And because my institute only uses Windows on their servers, I am a little bit “committed” to Windows.

But yeah, a Ubuntu VMWare environment could help me there.
So thank you very much :slight_smile: