Four remote camera with streaming and local recording setup


we are designing a UAV with four video cameras for surveillance (live streaming resolution from 720p, local recording, 1080p)

We need to stream up to 1km to the QGroundControl operator station and start recording when necessary under manual commands.

There are many different architectures, protocols and camera models, we would like to keep the system as simple as possible to fit the PX4 ecosystem.

The operator needs to view one and/or two and/or three and/or four cameras at the QGroundControl station.

How would you solve the camera multiplexation at the remote vehicle? We are thinking of four CSI-2 cameras connected to a Jetson TX2 board that communicates (receive only commands) to a Holybro PX4-base-rc02 main controller, and sending an output processed video to a video radio transmitter.

What do you think about this approach? Do you know another possible configuration previously tested and “PX4-friendly”? How would you manage 4 cameras in a PX4 project?